Community Focused Work

I am passionate about digital technology, and its application in improving livelihoods and people's access to quality education and health services. I am inspired by the potential of Lesotho's and Africa's women and girls. In line with these passions, I have founded/co-founded and currently lead the following enterprises:

Her Chance to Be Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is committed to improving the lives of rural women and girl children in Lesotho. Some of our current projects at the foundation include: (1) The rural girl child education project, wherein we seek academically capable girls living in rural areas and fund their high school education at top performing schools in the country, (2) Mentorship and tutoring for high school girls, (3) Business skills training for women running micro-enterprises, and (4) Health Education using mobile videos in rural communities (based on my research in ICT4D).

The Opportunity Hub of the Kingdom of Lesotho, a facebook platform with over 20,000 members, built for Basotho youth to share opportunities and career experiences. The hub has become a professionally managed community where opportunities for jobs, internships, fellowships, scholarships, conferences, training, etc., are shared. Many have found jobs through the hub, many have been inspired to aspire to more than they ever did before, many are finding their ways to conferences and events that are changing their mentalities and influencing them to be change makers in the country and beyond.

Women in Technology Lesotho, a community of women in computing in Lesotho, that aims to cultivate a culture of academic and professional excellence amongst female technologists in the country, helping women in the field of technology to become most competent and innovative, while also working towards inspiring female high school learners to aspire to careers in technology. In the past we have hosted such events as the "Celebration of Women in Computing Lesotho," an event that brings together female tech professionals to share their post-graduation experiences with female students of technology at tertiary institutions, as well as The Ada Lovelace Celebration of Lesotho's Women in STEM.

During my MSc at UCT, I served on a number committees, like:

The United Nations Association of South Africa, UCT Chapter, I served as the Head of Marketing on the executive committee. UNASA-UCT focuses primarily on the Millennium Development Goals - both directly, and by raising awareness on the MDGs amongst students. Some of the major events by UNASA-UCT are the Model United Nations competitions, "work for the UN" info talks, and the annual Diplomacy Course.